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Take a break once in a while

We know the feeling of a primary caregiver when he or she is caring for a loved one round the clock. The primary carer might not be able to juggle the demands of the job, resulting in exhaustion, leading to ineffective to perform duties.

Respite Care Lincoln

Taking care of a family is not an easy task, you know it as well as we do. You’ve done the noblest task as a primary caregiver, despite knowing the ramifications. You deserve to put your feet down every chance you get. Our caregivers at Respite Care Lincoln will exactly do that, making you grab a cup of coffee with someone, and catching up with the whole family. Rest assured that while you are on your R and R, your loved one is with capable hands, as you slowly recharge for the upcoming task.

Why respite care is beneficial?

Caring for a loved one round-the-clock can wear you down in both aspects of physical and mental well-being. You might start neglect yourself in the following days to come. Nourishment and health can become an issue. In addition, a feeling of indignant displeasure at your loved one regarded as an insult, making the primary caregiver vent out the feelings of frutration. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our respite carers Lincoln NE are going to supply what is required or desired to the caregiver’s overall well-being. If the caregiver is happy, then the patient is at the optimum level of health. Everybody is happy. Respite Care Lincoln will be able to:

  • Give the needed time to relax
  • Removes resentment from pilling up
  • Makes you become refreshed and with more focus upon return
  • Improves happiness and health for both caregiver, as well as the patient
  • Prevents burnout

How does it work?

It will be dependable on what you require, including your loved one. Our respite carer will conduct visitation services. It could last for a few hours. Visitation services could happen once a week or beyond that. While the respite carer fulfills the needed task, you are free to do what you wish.

Types of respite care

Respite care can be given by a friend, a family member, or even paid services, for example, adult day care or residential facility that Respite Carers Lincoln NE can offer.

In-home care services have a wide variety of services offered including:

  • Companion services aimed at the individual with someone to be with and supervised activities
  • Personal care assistant for the overall care
  • Homemaking needs
  • Skilled care workers for the adherence to medication

Adult daycare

Is a center provided for the elderly, and providing a safe environment for everyone. The staff will provide a series of activities that are beneficial for them.

Residential facility

In some instances, we accept overnight stays or short-term stays. In this scenario, primary caregivers are momentarily relieved of their duties.

Common concerns of respite care

It’s normal to feel uneasy as you try something new. These are some of the concerns primary caregivers have:

  • Cost. You might be curious how much you’re going to spend. You can look into social services for some assistance.
  • Reliability. You might be second-guessing if you’re loved ones are being provided with the proper care. Respite Care Lincoln staff have all undergone extensive background checks. Also, they have the proper certification and training done. Lastly, check your local area’s respite center for background checks.
  • Guilt. It is worth mentioning that respite care centers both benefit the patient and the primary caregiver. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes.


Remember, you are only human, it is not a crime to ask for help. Our respite services will surely aid you. Call Respite Care Lincoln today.